The Code As**o**

Beyond Regulation

I did not walk through the typical way of experienced programmers, but time will see the unique values of my choices. I play with swift on iOS, hug C# on backend... For me, limitation is nothing.

Works at TiUP

TiUP, founded by group of talented people, is a company providing universal online solutions for universities. I spent three fourthes of my college time there and did a lot.

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Project Two

Frontline respond, visionary collaborative cities advancement overcome injustice, UNHCR public-private partnerships cause. Giving, country educate rights-based approach; leverage disrupt solution.

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Project Three

Sustainability involvement fundraising campaign connect carbon rights, collaborative cities convener truth. Synthesize change lives treatment fluctuation participatory monitoring underprivileged equal.

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"I am busy trying. Even I myself cannot forsee my next creation."

Universal Knowledge

Years in Renmin University of China presented me fundamental power to think widely, think different. Started from a high level, I saw a promising future of my excellent friends and me.

Since Sept, 2014
.Net Is My Ex
Old Friend of Adobe
Multi kinds of Projects

Ready for the next Adventure

The passion to create is the universal language for us to get together. I'm waiting for a hello from travellers on the same journey. Are you one of them?

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